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Dat-A-Syst Offers Prompt Turnaround to Apple Users!

Dat-A-SystiMac Desktop is proud to be an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

Dat-A-Syst is an Apple Authorized Service Provider with door front parking. Walk in and receive professional, friendly service in a matter of minutes. Servicing Macs of all ages, we are conveniently located at 377 Rubin Center Drive (on Carowinds Blvd). Is your Apple product under warranty? (first year of ownership) or have you purchased the Apple Care Protection Plan??? Dat-A-Syst can handle your AppleCare repairs and service.

We offer carry-in, on-site or shipped in service.
If you’re in the neighborhood, drop in and say hello.

Switching from PC to a Mac

So you have your Apple iPhone and/or iPod Touch, and you have discovered what all the commotion was about. Then you got your iPad and love it! But now your satisfaction with the iPhone, iPod and iPad has led you to consider going the whole way and converting to a Mac. However, leaving the familiar confines of your Windows environment might not be something you relish. In fact, it may send a chill of fear or at the very least, apprehension. After all you have been using Windows for years and even though people have told you how easy the Mac OS is to use and get used to, there is still that fear that some of your most relied upon Windows applications and functions will not translate to the Mac operating system. You may run a business from your PC and can not take the time to learn a new way of doing things, after all you can’t put your business on hold while you get used to new ways even if they do promise a better written and more intuitive way of doing things.

Well, you don’t have to give up Windows! You can make the move to a Mac today… really, today. The method has been around for a while (tried and tested) and you’ll like it….really. Just ask the owner of Dat-A-Syst! She refused for the longest time to become a Mac user. By using Windows on her Mac, she would never consider going back to a Windows PC.

You can run you whole Windows machine within the Mac environment. If you have just developed a frown and get the feeling this is going to get complicated, relax. I have targeted this article at you specifically so I’m not going to complicate things with all that un-necessary jargon.

The only assumption I am going to make is that you have seen a Mac and know what the Dock is (The Dock – the strip of icons along the bottom of your screen).
The best way I can describe what it will look like is you will have Windows (your specific installation of Windows that is on your PC right now) running your Outlook, your Internet favorites, your documents and even your printers, (just as it did on your Windows PC) on your fancy, shiny, new Mac, and you’ll be able to access it just as you would the other installed programs on the Mac by clicking an icon on the Dock.
For the purpose of this article, we will stop right here on how virtualization works. Hopefully, my rather simple illustration has shed light on the definition.
It performs just as it did on your old PC.

OK, so I know the next question is how(??). I will answer this carefully. The single word of explanation is “Virtualization” or VM (virtual machine). If you’re not familiar with this term, I will do my best to make it simple. A virtual machine functions just as a physical machine but there is no dedicated hardware for the virtual machine.  Instead, it uses the hardware of the host. Imagine a house with it’s electrical supply, water and gas supplies, cable TV, internet service, etc. Then in one room of that house there is a scale model of a slightly different house. It has all the benefits the full size house has (electrical, water, cable, etc.) except the pipes and wires that feed the miniature house are connected to the corresponding services for the full size house. So the mini house appears to have it’s own set of services but, in fact, it’s using or sharing the resources of the physical full sized house.

So now, how does one move their old PC to the new Mac so it can be used in this wonderful way?

You will need to make a purchase…..come on, you knew that was coming right…..? You need a virtual machine creator and there are a number to choose from, but I will be concentrating on Parallels .

I have performed many installations of this program and am always delighted with the way this program does what it is intended to do. This program is well written and targeted to the “do-it-yourself” installation. For many folks, having someone install for them and showing how to use the end result is much more appealing. If you prefer to install yourself, visit http://www.parallels.com and check out the ordering options and read the informative articles on the process.

These are screen shots of an installation I did here in my office at Dat-A-Syst. This is installed on a 1.83 Ghz 2007 Mac Mini. The virtual machine is a Windows XP Professional machine and it joins our domain just as its hardware predecessor did.

This shows the familiar Windows Start menu popping out of the Dock like an app.

………and here you see applications from both Windows and Mac open on the same desktop. In case you don’t know which is which, clockwise starting top left is; Outlook (PC), iCal (Mac), Word (PC), Windows Start Menu (PC) and Contacts (Mac).

So you can move to Mac and still have the security that your business doesn’t miss a beat. All your applications in Windows will be safe until you are completely comfortable with your new Mac environment or for long-term use.

If you’d like to learn more or even arrange for us to assist you in making the move from Windows to Mac, please call us at 704-523-3548, email me at nic@datasyst.net or drop by our office at 377 Rubin Center Drive Suite 115 Fort Mill, SC 29708 (Carowinds Blvd).

The Best Choice for Desktop, Laptop, Monitor, Printer and Plotter Repair

Dat-A-Syst maintains a staff of certified technical experts and support staff to offer onsite, in-house or shipped-in service with Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba, Dell, Sony, Okidata, Lenovo, Lexmark, Gateway and Apple. In business for 27 years, their full-service capability and in-depth knowledge has made them one of Metrolina’s most trusted and popular computer service companies. Even their competitors refer customers to them.   They are a preferred third party service center for other computer companies across the United States that do not have a Charlotte presence. Dat-A-Syst provides quality toner for all printers while providing great savings to their customers. Their products come with a 100% guarantee and ship to anywhere in the USA.

Dat-A-Syst Has Answered the Question: “Who to Call for What”!

vanIn their 27th year of business, Dat-A-Syst provides a full scope of technical resources. The company strategy is based on quality, response, cost and customer care.
DAS services every manufacturer for desktops, laptops, MFP’s, laser printers and plotters. Don’t trust shipping your vital piece of equipment to a depot service company in “who knows where” and repaired by “who knows who”.

Dat-A-Syst does ALL service and repairs in their Charlotte facility with their own staff of trained and certified technicians. Other major repair companies in the Charlotte area often refer their customers to Dat-A-Syst due to the level of repair they perform and their knowledgeable technicians. And Dat-A-Syst is a preferred third party service center for companies across the United States that do not have a Charlotte presence. So why wouldn’t you trust a company with this reputation to take care of your most prized pictures, music, documents, etc.?


377 RUBIN CENTER Suite 115

Fort Mill, SC 29708
phone: 704-523-3548 or 803-548-4343

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